Opinion  : “Why must be Indonesia ?”


Fanfiction : “Not as Romantic as”

Main Cast : Choi Minho (SHINee), Seo Eunkyung

Synopsis :

Eunkyung is one of an author in novel phone online. But in that web, she is known as ‘Rene’ who is always on 1st rank the best author. She also writes a top romantic story but unfortunatelly, her love story not as romantic as her writes. Her boyfriend doesn’t have any respect to her. So, what is she going to do? Break up or….hoping?

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Chonun… Choi Seunhye imnida..

Hellooo.. Choi Seunhye is here.

Halo! Disini Choi Seunhye .. ^^

Anneyeonghaseooo… Seunhye imnida… This’s my personal blog which contains some information. Oupps.. Nope! Not information, but, some really UNIMPORTANT INFORMATION.


Hm… I just write some fanfictions and I’ll share to you. You can read and PLEASE command or rate them, please.

And, about my blog? Actually, for the first time I made it, I felt hard to adapt.  Because, you know, wordpress is really different with blogger. And for the name’s blog, I use ‘Country Chokyulate’ because, I really like chocolate. But, for your information, actually I wanna change the blog’s name is : Chokyuna Land. It means : Cho Kyuhyun and Song hyena (my last hangeul name). But, after that, I remembered Chocolate and I wrote chocolate land. But, if it was just chocolate land, it would be really simple. So.. I remembered with ‘late’ because I really a late girl! I wouldn’t come on time for some agreements. ehee.. So, I made it Choco-late Land. but, I can’t forget my lovely bias, Cho Kyuhyun. It was really hard to match his name with my blog’s name. So, I had some thinking and I found ‘ChoKyuLate Land…’ Hahahah… It was my blog’s name’s history.

And.. For the readers now. I really appericiate your appreciation. So please, you obey these rules :

  1. Everything which in this blog, it’s mine! No excuse please!
  2. Please, no SILENT READER! It’s a big pride if you appreciate my things with your comments
  3. Please, NO BASHING! Even it’s not a popular blog which has many interesting or useful information, please no bashing if you don’t like them.

That’s all. Thanks for everything~ . If you wanna know more about me, you can click ‘About’. This’s Indonesian blog but I try to make this also English Blog. Hehehe… I LOVE ALL OF THE READERS!!!! Thanks and ENJOYING YOUR TOUR IN MY BLOG 😀


To : ••

I may not be perfect either as you wished. I may not be beautiful either best God’s creature. It’s me, who always support you even you don’t ask me to. It’s me, who always likes your way to smile, your way to make me feel like playing roller coster.

Once again, I may not be perfect. Okay, I’m not perfect. But, may I -who is not perfect- have yourself? Let me be your perfection.

With love.

Hello, you

Hello, you ..

To be the truth, I want to be your shoulder to cry on. Your first arms that will get your falls. Hmm… I think it’s also okay if I’m your advicer 🙂

Oh! How about I’m be your ears that will lesten all of your stories? I also want to be your manager that will help you managing your time. Your head that will solve your problems. Your first that will smile to you every single day.

Err… Is it also okay if I want to be a body that will be the first hugged by you if you feel down?

It’s okay.. I’ll be right there whenever you n-e-e-d me 🙂

I wish I could be a rainbow in your storm

Girls should be …

Hello!! (from another side *grin* )

Finally a post after soooo long holiday from posting. Yeah, so much bussiness to be deal with and now I’m working for my final exam. Goodluck for me!

Okay, to the point then. Hmm.. last days, I’ve faced some obstacles that really kills my part of body. Surely like testing how strong I am. Not only that, but sometimes I look my girls-friends do act the way that I’m kinda irritated with their-cute-act. hoah so disgusting. Then… I think girls, oh nooo we’re a woman with this age. Woman should be… classy and fabulous. Okay, I dare you that you often listen that word. But!!! I’ve found another things! Okay.. Woman should be …

A trully woman should be classy, fabulous, independent, and a-great-risk-taker

Yeah, why there are independent and a great risk taker? We’re now living in this kind of era. Kind of era that many people wear their mask on and can stab on us whenever they want! And.. a woman has to be strong! Standing on their beautiful feet on their heels and saying “yes, I’m strong!”. Another point is, woman should do their own things without any help or depending on somebody. Especially b-o-y-s. Oh, come on girls.. you have the power that may really help you sail your own boat!

Okay. Let’s stop this random conversation and goodbye!

Daaah aku mah apa atuhh~

Dia yang pandai bersolek, badan ideal, modis..

Lah aku cuman bisanya pake ponds + bedak tabur doang, pake lipbalm supaya gak kering bibirnya, pake kemeja + jeans + kets diador* yaudah ngampus.

Dia yang kalem, feminin banget, yang bisa cari perhatian kalian buat dideketin

Lah aku selengekan, “setengah laki” mah kata felix, yang bisa cari perhatian kalian buat ditagihin rundown KKL, rapat-rapat, tanya-tanya proker

Dia yang siang-siang bisa nongkrong di tempat elit dan kekinian,

Lah aku bisanya cuman makan beli lima ribu doang biar bisa hemat. Minumnya air putih doang tuh biar sehat 😀

Dia yang pulang kampus bisa langsung ngerjain tugas kuliah

Lah aku mesti rapat ini itu

Dia yang malem-malem jam 7an udah nyantai

Lah aku bisanya ngajar les les buat cari tambahan uang saku

Dia yang jam segini sudah tidur lelap

Lah aku masih berkutat sama tugas dan akhirnya cuman bisa berdoa doang biar bisa bareng kamu

Dia yang mungkin lagi nata soleknya buat kamu

Lah aku cuman bisa menata kerjaan dan karir ku. Yang gak bisa sama sekali dijadiin bahan buat narik perhatian kamu

Kamu yang bilang membatasi diri sama aku. Iya sama aku nya, dia nya?!!

Dah aku mah apa atuh. Bebek nyebur kolam dibandingin sama black swan. kalah lah!


DIa yang

“Argo WIilis” Experience

Hello~ Selamat siang~ Anneyeonghaseo~ Konichiwa

Seunhye Imnida ^^

Nah kali ini aku mau ngepost soal pengalaman pertamaku menggunakan transportasi Kereta Api di Indonesia. Rute pertama yang aku gunakan adalah Stasiun Bandung (Stasiun Hall) menuju Stasiun Tugu, Yogyakarta. Karena sulitnya aku mendapatkan informasi tentang reservasi tiket, kereta terbaik untuk digunakan, dan sebagainya, maka aku memposting pengalamanku yang dapat dijadikan sebagai referensi^^ . Aku berani naik kereta api juga karena membaca dua referensi yang aku dapatkan dari google. Nah, sebelum kita Continue reading “Argo WIilis” Experience